Search Isn’t Solved

Sometimes you’ll hear people say that Search is a solved problem.  It turns out that’s not really true.  What we’ve solved is a specific subset of Search where the person doing the searching already knows what it is they’re looking for.

You can go to Google and search for “James Brown” or you can go to Amazon and search for “metal grabber utensil” and the search results are going to be the very things you seek.  It doesn’t matter how vague metal grabber utensil is, the second search result is for cooking tongs.  That search is solved.


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The Danger of Game Options

There’s a game night at the Folsom St Foundry every Tuesday in San Francisco. Organizers fill the block-sized event space with board games strewn across a dozen tables and hook up over twenty consoles running popular multiplayer games. In such a competitive mecca, could you conceive a scenario where two game experts are not able to play each other fairly?

I can, and it’s due to the danger of game options.
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Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 1

Check out my latest game Puzzle Fuzz!

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